Consultative Committees

The Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs constitutes Consultative Committees of Members of both the Houses of Parliament, which are attached to various Ministries, and arranges meetings thereof. The Minister/Minister of State in-charge of the Ministry concerned acts as the chairman of the Consultative Committee of that Ministry.

The main purpose of these Committees is to provide a forum for informal discussions between the Government and Members of Parliament on policies and programmes of the Government and the manner of their implementation. Meetings of these Committees are held both during the session and inter-session period of Parliament. After the constitution of the 14th Lok Sabha, 32 Consultative Committees attached to various Ministries were constituted. Besides this, 16 Informal Consultative Committees of the sixteen Railway Zones have also been constituted. Unlike the Consultative Committees attached to the Ministries, meetings, of these Informal Consultative Committees are to be arranged during Session periods only. 322 meetings of the Consultative Committees were held till 31 May 2007 after the constitution of the 14th Lok Sabha including 116 meetings held during the year 2006.